Way to the Quran
[Method of Quran Study]
By Khurram Murad

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There are seven chapters. Each deals with a different aspect of the journey. The first, dwells on what the journey means to our lives; the second, on what provisions must be gathered inside our hearts and minds before setting out; the third, on what postures and actions of heart, mind, and body are necessary for the full involvement of the inner self; the fourth, on what rules should be followed in reading; the fifth, on why and how to understand; the sixth, on how to undertake collective study; and the seventh, on the essential need of offering our lives to the fulfillment of the Quranic mission. What the Prophet, blessings and peace be on him, said about some specific parts of the Qur'an is gathered in one appendix. Another suggests certain syllabuses for personal and collective study, which many may find useful. Some study aids are also included. This is not a book which should be put away after one hurried reading.



1. The Journey of Life
2. Basic Prerequisites
3. Participation of the Inner Self
4. Rules of Reading
5. Study and Understanding
6. Collective Study
7. Living the Qur'an

Appendix 1: Prophets Readings
Appendix Suggested Syllabus Study
Appendix 3: Aids to Study